DV8 Iron Heads

Category: club head, iron

Type: Club Head


 The DV8 Iron is our game-improvement iron.

Designed to garner more a dramatic appearance than other game improvement irons, we were able to push the center of gravity deeper and lower for improved performance.

DV8 Irons are designed for extra forgiveness. The non-glare topline has been beveled to provide a less chunky appearance at address. The DV8 Iron is designed to fit the broadest range of golfers with ample offset to help the player square up the face at impact enabling the player to hit both straight and solid shots as well as instill confidence in their game.


3 Iron 4 Iron 5 Iron 6 Iron  7 Iron 
8 Iron 9 Iron Pitching

Wedge (PW)

Wedge (AW)

Sand Wedge (SW)


       Head Style              Loft              Lie        Head Weight     Bounce   
 3 Iron   21°  59.5° 212g  0°
 4 Iron  23.5°  60.6° 219g  0°
 5 Iron  26°  61.3° 226g  0°
 6 Iron  29°  62° 233g  1°
 7 Iron 33° 62.5° 240g
 8 Iron 37° 63.5° 247g
 9 Iron 41° 64.5° 254g
 Pitching Wedge (PW) 46° 65° 261g
 Approach Wedge (AW) 51° 65° 261
 Sand Wedge (SW) 56° 65° 268g 12°



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