DV8 Hybrid Heads

Category: club head, hybrid head

Type: Club Head


5 HybridBy mixing and matching the stylish DV8 Hybrids into your set, you are not tied down by what constitutes a “traditional” set make up providing you with customization options.

Let’s face it - some players are better iron players than others. DV8 Hybrids are designed to replace long irons that are more difficult to hit. 

The broader shape of a hybrid enables increased forgiveness over a long iron. This is why the DV8 Hybrids will make a welcome addition to many golfers’ bags. They are equally attractive to the rest of the DV8 Woods, but in a traditional hybrid shape. Plus, they offer the same variable crown and face technologies for improved performance and feel.

DV8 Hybrids are finished with a durable black PVD coating and DV8’s AGT (Alignment Graphics Treatment), which provides a stunning appearance and promotes easy aiming.



       Head Style              Loft              Lie        Head Weight     Volume   
 3 Hybrid  19°  60° 242g  114cc
 5 Hybrid  25°  61° 256g  116cc



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