DV8 Driver Heads

Category: club head, driver

Type: Club Head


The DV8 Driver is available in a variety of lofts to suit players of all skill levels.

The classic appearance has a lot of functionality built in that can be found in other top OEM clubs.

Simply put, if you are looking for a driver that will provide you with performance and extra forgiveness without worrying about all that technical mumbo jumbo the DV8 Driver is for you.

The DV8 Driver has a classic shape, finished with a durable black PVD coating and DV8’s AGT (Alignment Graphics Treatment) which provides a stunning appearance that will make you the envy of your foursome as well as promote easy aiming.

Distance yourself from the competition by adding convenience, confidence and forgiveness into your game with the stylish DV8 Titanium Driver.



       Head Style              Loft              Lie        Head Weight     Volume  
 Driver Head (RH only)  9.5°  58° 200g  460cc
 Driver Head  10.5°  58° 200g  460cc
 Driver Head 12° 58° 200g 460cc



Product Warranty & Return/Refund Policy

Your satisfaction is our priority, and we've got the warranty to back it. Click Here to read about DV8's Warranty and Policies:

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